What a delight this girl is! As lovely a personality as an immense talent on the bass. 

I was in Houston, TX  A friend that owned a club raved over this female bass player for the band he had booked that night. That got my attention, so I headed out to take in the show. The first set was great, so I proceeded to find Monica and introduce myself.

I told her I was recording a new album ( this was around 1995). I asked her if she would come to Nashville and play bass for me in the studio. She agreed, and we recorded some tracks for an album I never did release, for a number of reasons. I never forgot how she contributed such classic bass lines to my songs. That’s the thing with Monica, she doesn’t just play bass, her bass becomes a part of the fabric of the tune. I love her dearly and am so proud she joined me straightaway on this journey, no questions asked, after 20 years.

Monica is very much in demand in the Houston area music scene. I've seen her play a variety of genres from jazz to pop and in between. Among her accomplishments: she was voted best bass player in the state of Louisiana in 1979.  Im thrilled she's my bass player!