It’s an absolute miracle that Jim Horn is involved with this project. Imagine my surprise when I find out that Jim is the brother-in-law of my producer, Mike Deasy. 

As a musician, I was vaguely familiar with Jim’s name, as I saw it in a lot of places over the years. I was in no way prepared to discover the depth of his career. I’m talking the absolute pinnacle of rock and roll history.  I remember lying in bed late at night, when Mike and I were just putting together the beginnings of the plan. I would pop on the DVD of “The Concert for George”, which was the tribute to George Harrison at Royal Albert Hall, one year to the day after his passing. The band consisted of George’s  best friends over the years, and Jim Horn was one of them.  As I watched Jim play the intro he wrote for Ringo Starr’s “Photograph” (co-written by Ringo and George), I got the distinct impression that Jim was going to play on my album. The only person I ever told about this was my drummer, Marty Naul. To his credit, he still stayed with me and did not offer up any jokes about my mental condition. 

The time came when Mike told me there was an event planned in Nashville to honor the members of the Wrecking Crew with a Lifetime Achievement Award. I was thrilled to be able to be there and record the ceremony. Mike introduced me to Jim, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist James Burton; pianist Don Randi, a legend and also owner of The Baked Potato, a premier jazz club in Los Angeles, and John Densmore, drummer for the Doors. 

When I met Jim, I asked him, “did you write that intro to Photograph”?  He replied that he did, and I said, “that is one of my top five favorite intros of all time”. He looked genuinely surprised and just said, “thank you very much”. Now, I’m sure he’s been told that a gazillion times from a gazillion people, but that’s how humble he is. Just a fine, fine human being and immense talent.