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Stormy Cooper and Fitzgerald's

Headed down to Fitzgerald’s today to further map out the layout and stage plot for the show. Laying the foundations for our fantastic first gig - can't wait to see you all there. It's still not too late to buy some tickets - click here to get yours while supplies last.

Rehearsals set to get underway at Stormy Cooper Media, the *best* rehearsal place in Houston! Stormy is a class act, and also has an awesome studio there! Any other bands looking for a cool spot to jam out or record should check out his website:

Planning Production

Recently we had a super productive meeting in Houston and finalized a few key details concerning promotion for the show. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media to see what exactly that entails:  Give us a like on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and do both for our Instagram!

Eagle-eyed fans will have noticed that the website has had a bit of a makeover. Our awesome poster is now for all to see on the home page, and VIP packages have been added to the store. Go check them out – they’re sure to make the experience even better.

John Sellers Band - Debut Gig

Some of you might have already seen the news: The John Sellers Band are coming to Houston! 

We will be performing on June 23rd at Fitzgerald's for one night only. Come on down and see history in the making!

Get your tickets here!

I’m very excited about putting on a great show. 
Fitzgerald’s has a rich legacy in the Houston music scene - the artists that have played there over the years are legendary. 
I've been to the venue and can tell you it's got a great vibe - perfect place for our first live show as a group. 
Rehearsals are well underway and we can definitively say it will be a night to remember. Remember - get your tickets NOW!

See y'all there!
- John

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