Andy Gurley. My, oh my, what a player! 

I met Andy shortly after I met Monica. He was a professor of music at East Tennessee State University at the time.  I was living in rural Kentucky and would occasionally get in to downtown Paducah to find some live music. Mostly a crappy scene at that time, mid 90’s. but there was this little place called C.C. Cohen’s that had a songwriter’s night. I showed up and made friends with a bass player named Kevin Synan. I asked him about guitar players, and he just went apes over this guy Andy Gurley, he says I gotta hear him. I finally get that chance, and afterwards, I asked him to come play on my session in Nashville. He agreed, and it was a great time. 

Years went by, and I came back to him after a Google search, and was amazed at how his career had zoomed. He was now an in demand session player and was touring with the likes of Eddie Money and Wynona. He is so versatile; at one point he toured Europe with a jazz band. Whatever genre, he just tears it up, an incredible player. 

He sent me a riff for a song that I added lyrics and melody to, I’m so very proud of the result, it’s a featured track on the new album. I’m so very honored to have him in the band.